On Focusing on the Positive vs the Negative



“It cannot be helpful to ruminate and focus only on what you did wrong. Or only on what was done wrong to you. It will surely make you doubt that you will find the best way to a happier place. It will certainly slow you down. It will make you act in ways that hinder your progress toward happier places. If you are not going to listen to me and instead continue to dwell in the negative…then it is only fair that you devote at least the same amount of time to dwelling on the positive. I guarantee you that positive wins over negative. It is not acceptable to just think about the negative past experience or what it means about you. The longer you wait to take positive action or to release negative action the more layers of, what I call, crud that are created. You will create layers of crud that will cloud your ability to more quickly achieve your dreams and goals. This crud affects your ability to see great solutions as immediately available and can skew the way you process all kinds of past and present experiences. It can actually cause you to make certain decisions that directly affect your future. Choices that will not be made with the clarity of happiness. The crud of negativity and emotional deprivation is never going to be helpful for you. Choose the easier route—to allow yourself to be happy. That’s right I used the word ALLOW. That is because happiness can be realized even without labored action. It is realized by no longer tolerating negative environments. It is realized by no longer holding on to past experiences in a way that is negative. While it may not feel that way right now or when you’re in a particular situation. It really takes little effort to decide NOT to dwell or to decide to NOT self-criticize. It takes little time and effort to just stop beating yourself up about what you DID or SHOULD HAVE done. Indeed, one of the many beauties of happiness is that it also works like a surgeon. When you have happiness…it almost secretly removes the crud with little pain or tribulation. When you choose to be happy and to not be hindered by negativity in any form you will see INCREDIBLE and IMMEDIATE results.”