On Being Around Positive People



“When others provide good suggestions, consider how they can help you. Recognize the benefits they can provide. They obviously care or no words would be spoken. They’re likely just trying to do their best to cheer you up, regardless of whether they have an exact understanding on how to best help you.

You are very worthy and important and no experience you perceive as negative nor any criticism will change that reality. However, if you believe that someone is being insensitive or engaging in actions that make you feel worse—it would be healthy to seriously reevaluate your relationship with that person.

Being angry or negative about someone’s attempts to lend support is surely not what you stand for, nor beneficial to your resolution of the situation. In fact, as noted later, anger is a wasted emotion. A state of being that cost you energy with little benefit and much detriment. You certainly do not feel better after you’ve made such comments.

The only thing anger DOES Do is show that you are holding onto some negative feelings. Anger reflects the bursting out of those repressed feelings through abrasive, reactive behavior. It is equally unhelpful to emotionally shutdown or otherwise hold some or all of your feelings inside. For those that wish to hold on to their shut down pattern, I simply ask you to show me how productive it is to hold back your real feelings. Show me how it’s beneficial to suppress your real desires because of some perceived fear that it might someday in the future, somehow result, in hurt to you. I want to learn more about how THAT is productive and how that is better than expressing how you feel in a way that works. Be you for you and don’t emotionally shutdown.”