How You Feel


aticle-1-imgI use the phraseology ‘How You Feel’ because people generally avoid dealing with how they really feel even though they want to feel a certain way. Your mind, filled with the perceptions that you have processed through a clouded lens, tells you it will be painful or time consuming to deal with a problem or with your real concerns, or to secure your real dreams. However, rather ironically, it is actually more difficult and takes more energy to work to avoid dealing with things.

It takes more energy to mask reality and it always makes you feel uncomfortable when something occurs where your feelings are in anyway involved. If you are a person of character, you would not knowingly lie to someone. So why lie to yourself? Your soul machine is designed to create happiness and joy. It is designed to put out more than what you put in it. Thus, let’s put some great stuff in the machine—because it will give us even more greatness in return. Just as your soul machine can create increasing levels of frustration, anger, or sadness. So too, can it create magnified happiness and joy.