Empowerment through Accomplishments



The identification of successes accomplishes TWO important goals:

Number 1: It empowers you in a positive way—showing how much you really have accomplished. It shows the volume and the magnitude of your accomplishments. It shows that you’re fully capable of creating success and happiness. It arms you with valuable information about the things that make you happy. And it shows that any present concerns can be DWARFED by the reality that you are a successful person in so many ways that you will conquer anything that troubles you. It demonstrably shows that any goals are achievable and it empowers you with a framework for building upon that success with your development of your new goals. And

Number 2: It productively shows you how we often FORGET or DEVALUE the positive. You’ll recognize that your thinking patterns may have clouded the way you think and clouded the way your past experiences, in a negative way, have drowned out the positive that was derived from it. Because of these misperceptions, you may have devalued or diluted your greatness. You are not seeing the good things that you achieved and all the intelligence you gained because the thinking pattern had you focusing on what you did not have or could not achieve. You saw obstacles, not clear paths. With knowledge gained from recognizing achievements and your past thinking pattern, now your perspective and thinking process will change in a great way. Providing regular reminders of your achievements and the knowledge gained from those experiences. You will thereby be empowered to utilize this greater happiness to fashion better roots to more joy.