Create Your Own Happiness



“Happiness can be immediately realized. It does not as many say, always necessarily require a process or a certain period of time. Those who hold on to the ‘it will take a great deal of time’ philosophy are either in denial or simply not yet aware of the actual power that each of us possesses to define our present and achieve our future. The ‘it will take time’ belief system also devalues and misunderstands what constitutes progress or achievement. Attitudes are contagious…is yours worth catching? I challenge you to be the best person you can be, embrace that opportunity.

Utilize the layers of meaning in this book to empower you in every way. As you read this book over and over and you read certain sections you will find deeper and deeper meaning in some of the phrases. You will feel your power through the courage utilized in treating your experiences as instructive guides instead of destructive inhibitors. You have the knowledge and perspective to adjust your previous perception of your prior experiences—to the right way—that makes them instructive and not indelibly painful. You possess the strength right now to evaluate and honestly determine your real goals. You can feel the ease in establishing a plan and taking positive, confidence building action to achieve whatever happiness you desire. Indeed, never again will you face an experience that you consider as permanently indelible or impossible to resolve in a positive way.

Awesome isn’t it? You will now be able to evaluate each past experience that you originally consider painful in a way that educates you as to how and why you think the way you do. It will empower you not disable you. See an easier way to appreciate the value you derive from past experiences. Empower yourself with the experiences. Do NOT allow them to disable you. Apply the information you learned about yourself, your tendencies, your typical decision making process and why you think the way you do.”