Making Mistakes



“Your thought processing will not allow you to admit your mistakes because you would then interpret them to mean that you have failed which your subconscious says cannot be admitted or the world will end. While I do not believe this is the fate that is ordained or necessary, let’s finish out the preparation of this unhealthy meal. Let’s talk about this recipe for unhappiness that is created by this negative thought processing. For example, we can add to the recipe for unhappiness by also stirring in some so-called bad experiences you have so successfully stored for immediate misuse. Drop in a quart of negative feelings about you rationalizing away some of the things that really bothered you, then add a cup of guilt or remorse or regret by concluding that you allow the situation to exist when you knew it was not the best or right thing. When it was not really what you wanted.

And with this concoction you’ll create ‘unhappy’ meals. With the energy you intend to direct to this endeavor, your distasteful meals will be completely cooked. You now have a gourmet meal of negativity that you will feed yourself for weeks and months to come. And you’ll wonder why you’re sick or you’re feeling bad. Adding to this nightmare, you will now judge yourself for the creation. In fact, you’ve decided in these situations to be the judge, jury, and executioner in holding yourself unreasonably accountable for whatever it is that you think you already knew about. Or whatever you think you should have done. Or whatever you think you should have done. So that whatever happened could not have happened. No matter what has happened, you have determined that it must be resolved in your mind with a conclusion that you didn’t get what you want for no good reason.

Perhaps you then reason, that the situation must have negatively impacted you. ‘I didn’t get what I wanted,’ you say, ‘there must be something wrong with me.’ This kind of thinking pattern clouds your ability to recognize the incredible amount of knowledge and awareness that is gained about yourself. I have news for you. Regardless of what caused the past event, and even a case where YOU sabotaged the situation…you can still acquire very useful and very positive information from every experience.”

Processing Criticism Beneficially Part 2


“Thus, through no one’s fault, you were not provided with a road map for productive processing of your emotions. Without positive conditioning and encouragement or imparting of wisdom in how to process or cope with your feelings there’s almost no way that your machine would not regurgitate those negative experiences.

As a result, what happens? You remember more about what you did not do, what people said you did not do than remembering what you have accomplished. This is a natural feeling. Perhaps you doubted the existence or power of your soul machine because of a past painful experience. You say you don’t want to remain in that state of feeling, but you assumed you were powerless to take steps to make the right and positive move. Because you are not functioning properly or your processing wasn’t working in the way you want, you didn’t really FEEL like you could move.

You instead REPRESSED those feelings or stored them in a negative environment. The actual storage of these negative experiences acts like a clouding of the glass in a window. It layers the window of best action with layers of crud like film. As a result you sometimes unknowingly cannot see the best routes for most effective decision making. It essentially clouds or jades the way you think. It changes the way you make decisions. You don’t see things as clearly.

The process of clouding is rarely immediate. It almost always works in a more subtle way. In a way that you don’t always see the significance of the clouding until you honestly inspect yourself. Or you feel inexplicably compelled to move or remain in an illogical situation. You can see how powerful your perception of things can be.

How we think determines what we do. Therefore how you think will determine what you do. Your perspective impacts the kinds of information you will process and the way you will process it. Therefore you can immediately create happiness by simply adjusting your perspective. I use the word simply because when you see how your processing is working to date and to the extent to which it is creating artificial barriers to joy, you will agree that you will simply need to eliminate those thinking patterns. And the path will become quite clear and very easy to navigate.

“Upon closer inspection of some of your past experiences or a present situation, you may find that the reality of the situation may be different from your perception of it. Your perception may be the result of how you have negatively processed past experiences. You know, you may feel as though something went wrong in the past therefore it’s going to go wrong in the future. You were judged before, therefore you’re going to be judged now. Things didn’t go right in the past, so things won’t go right now. So what if you did that before?

I’m not here to judge you and you’re not here to judge yourself. Quite the contrary, you are being smart in ridding yourself of ANYTHING that stands in the way of enhanced happiness. Capture more tools to empower yourself now. Explain how a negative processing sequence can have damaging results and rid yourself of that waste of time.

Listen, have no worries. What is important is TODAY, what is important is NOW. Create a fresh new perspective with an open minded approach to evaluation, take action, and have positive reinforcement and you’ll have all that you desire. Armed with your soul machine now and proper gear, you will see almost INSTANT productive movement and achieve heightened happiness almost immediately.”

Empowerment through Accomplishments



The identification of successes accomplishes TWO important goals:

Number 1: It empowers you in a positive way—showing how much you really have accomplished. It shows the volume and the magnitude of your accomplishments. It shows that you’re fully capable of creating success and happiness. It arms you with valuable information about the things that make you happy. And it shows that any present concerns can be DWARFED by the reality that you are a successful person in so many ways that you will conquer anything that troubles you. It demonstrably shows that any goals are achievable and it empowers you with a framework for building upon that success with your development of your new goals. And

Number 2: It productively shows you how we often FORGET or DEVALUE the positive. You’ll recognize that your thinking patterns may have clouded the way you think and clouded the way your past experiences, in a negative way, have drowned out the positive that was derived from it. Because of these misperceptions, you may have devalued or diluted your greatness. You are not seeing the good things that you achieved and all the intelligence you gained because the thinking pattern had you focusing on what you did not have or could not achieve. You saw obstacles, not clear paths. With knowledge gained from recognizing achievements and your past thinking pattern, now your perspective and thinking process will change in a great way. Providing regular reminders of your achievements and the knowledge gained from those experiences. You will thereby be empowered to utilize this greater happiness to fashion better roots to more joy.

When Acknowledging your accomplishments…

aticle-1-imgIt shows that you do so many things right and allows you to see many things that are worthy of recognition.

It’s a tribute to you regarding the volume and magnitude of your accomplishments to date.

It shows you’re fully capable of creating successes and happiness and arms you with valuable information about the things that make you happy.

It shows that any present concern can be dwarfed by the reality that you’re a successful person in many ways—and that you can conquer anything that’s challenging or troubling you.

It demonstrates that any goals are achievable, and it empowers you with a framework for building upon that success with your development of new goals.

It productively exposes how often we forget or devalue the positive things in our life. Read more

Acknowledging your accomplishments will empower you.

aticle-2-imgJust as when you work a muscle it s stronger, so it is also true that recognizing your accomplishments strengthens your focus on positive movement. Acknowledging your accomplishments empowers you in many positive ways, allowing you to increase your accomplishments. This is perhaps the most revealing thing you will learn: Your old thinking patterns can cloud the way you think; you may not be taking enough credit for yourself! Read more

The Three Pillars of Happiness.

aticle-3-imgPerspective cleans and readies you (your soul machine) in a way that will more productively process information. It shows you how to be solution-oriented in your thinking, and to view things in a more positive manner. It helps frame better decision making. It positions your state of mind in a way that looks to place you in happier environments. Read more

Recipe For Happiness…

aticle-4-imgFocus on how you’re progressing, not where you’re failing. Focus on taking actions that improve your environment and solidify positive thinking processes. Be honest with yourself, and seek out relationships that bring real and sustained happiness—not ones that constantly involve manipulation, compromise and stress. Read more