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When Acknowledging your accomplishments…

It shows that you do so many things right and allows you to see many things that are worthy of recognition. It’s a tribute to you regarding the volume and magnitude of your accomplishments to date. It shows you’re fully capable of creating successes and happiness and arms you with valuable information about the things […]

Acknowledging your accomplishments will empower you.

Just as when you work a muscle it s stronger, so it is also true that recognizing your accomplishments strengthens your focus on positive movement. Acknowledging your accomplishments empowers you in many positive ways, allowing you to increase your accomplishments. This is perhaps the most revealing thing you will learn: Your old thinking patterns can […]

The Three Pillars of Happiness.

Perspective cleans and readies you (your soul machine) in a way that will more productively process information. It shows you how to be solution-oriented in your thinking, and to view things in a more positive manner. It helps frame better decision making. It positions your state of mind in a way that looks to place […]

Recipe For Happiness…

Focus on how you’re progressing, not where you’re failing. Focus on taking actions that improve your environment and solidify positive thinking processes. Be honest with yourself, and seek out relationships that bring real and sustained happiness—not ones that constantly involve manipulation, compromise and stress.