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Making Mistakes

LISTEN HERE: “Your thought processing will not allow you to admit your mistakes because you would then interpret them to mean that you have failed which your subconscious says cannot be admitted or the world will end. While I do not believe this is the fate that is ordained or necessary, let’s finish out the […]

Create Your Own Happiness

LISTEN HERE: “Happiness can be immediately realized. It does not as many say, always necessarily require a process or a certain period of time. Those who hold on to the ‘it will take a great deal of time’ philosophy are either in denial or simply not yet aware of the actual power that each of […]

Processing Criticism Beneficially Part 2

LISTEN HERE: “Thus, through no one’s fault, you were not provided with a road map for productive processing of your emotions. Without positive conditioning and encouragement or imparting of wisdom in how to process or cope with your feelings there’s almost no way that your machine would not regurgitate those negative experiences. As a result, […]

On Being Around Positive People

LISTEN HERE: “When others provide good suggestions, consider how they can help you. Recognize the benefits they can provide. They obviously care or no words would be spoken. They’re likely just trying to do their best to cheer you up, regardless of whether they have an exact understanding on how to best help you. You […]

Empowerment through Accomplishments

LISTEN HERE: The identification of successes accomplishes TWO important goals: Number 1: It empowers you in a positive way—showing how much you really have accomplished. It shows the volume and the magnitude of your accomplishments. It shows that you’re fully capable of creating success and happiness. It arms you with valuable information about the things […]

Really recognizing your accomplishments

LISTEN HERE: The foundation of any success is built upon honest recognition of your goodness and your capabilities. Start with a real recognition of your accomplishments. Take time to specifically identify what you have accomplished during your lifetime. And understand that when I talk about the word accomplishments, they also mean the steps you have […]